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deadmau5 & Lights team up for ‘When The Summer Dies’: Listen

deadmau5 and Lights have reunited once again with their new collaborative track ‘When The Summer Dies’.  This is the second collaboration between electronic music pioneer deadmau5 and Canadian singer/songwriter Lights, the first being 2018’s release ‘Drama Free’, which also was featured in the Netflix feature film ‘Polar’, adding to the composition of the score which was also written by deadmau5.
When The Summer Dies’ showcases Lights pop sensibility set against fun and playful production from deadmau5.  The track comes in partnership with a music video to arrive soon, marking a special milestone in deadmau5’ digital roadmap, as it will be created in Manticore; a virtual gaming experience by his and Richie Hawtin’s new company PIXELYNX.
In a fun twist to the release of the song, fans can enter to win an array of prizes for creating their own “multiverse” on Core, a video game platform that allows both content creators and video-game lovers to create and play in their own world.  Some of the prizes include a lifetime guest pass for all deadmau5 events, a meet-and-greet, or a piece of a $50,000 prize pool.  You can learn more about the contest here.

While the release comes with a ton of cool additional features, the song itself is ironically also a world within its own.  The track features electric synths that zing and zap all while Lights’ vocals sit delightfully on top of this voltaic universe that deadmau5 has created. As the song approaches the chorus, all drums drop out, putting a spotlight on Lights’ voice that eventually leads to a hypnotic drop and fades out.

Listen below:

Image Credit: deadmau5 (via S.Camelot), Lights (via Do512)