Dust of Apollon

Dust of Apollon releases heavily emotional track ‘Don’t Feel Like Living’: Listen

At only 18, German artist Dust of Apollon is rising in the ranks to become a star. Combining organic and analog sounds to create a unique soundscape, his style can be described as fusions of future pop and trap with slower, acoustic elements also creeping in which showcases his multitude of talents across a wide range of instruments. Influenced by his parents, his curiosity and love for music started to bloom from a very young age, with rock and pop influences mixing with his self-discovered electronic background. With his newest release ‘Don’t Feel Like Living’, he bares his heart and soul in a highly emotional and stunning way.

In this latest release, Dust of Apollon’s vocal abilities come to the forefront, instantly inviting the listener in with a soothing and soulful, yet powerful voice. With this track, the young star draws from emotionally personal experiences, using this as the catalyst for ‘Don’t Feel Like Living’. Expressing emotions that come with losing a loved one, struggling through anxiety and depression, he lets people know that they are not alone and offers his music as a warm hug for those going through hard times. Not only giving listeners and fans a wonderful, striking production to listen to and treasure, he sheds a hopeful light on these hard situations and draws in people who resonate with the message of hope that he is sending out, letting everyone know that they are not alone and it is okay to not be okay. Further proving and showcasing his prowess as a producer and a mainstay within this industry, this track is a powerful addition to his discography which is already receiving high praise, and for good reason.

2021 is a massive year for Dust of Apollon. With this release on Lowly, he has also seen releases on the likes of Chill Nation and San Holo‘s label bitbird and it isn’t stopping there. Not slowing down and ready for industry domination with his distinctive sound, ‘Don’t Feel Like Living’ is out now and you can listen to it below.

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