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Electronic Music Festival: Vaping Survival Guide

Music festivals often bring positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. This is a place where you can relax. First, let’s take a look at some of the brightest music festivals in the world. Sightseeing, dream ambiance, and unrivaled line-up are the perfect combinations to enjoy the best vacation and a unique and unforgettable musical experience. Here is a selection of the very best events where you could relax and smoke vape mods.


Held in California, USA, this festival is undeniably another great proposition. Its distinctive Ferris wheel and abundance of celebrities are undoubtedly its main attraction. Alternative rock, hip-hop, and electronica are the styles that stand out at Coachella, which, in addition to being internationally renowned for its music, is also famous for its visitors’ tradition of wearing 70s hippie fashion. Brought to the highest level.


Ultra Miami

A festival where electronic music becomes queen. The Ultra Music Festival Miami is undoubtedly the perfect place to integrate music and tourism into your vacation as it takes place in downtown Miami and you will no doubt have time to explore this wonderful city during an event or unwind on one of its paradises.


EDC Las Vegas

EDC in Las Vegas is more than just living at the festival: over 22 events are held. It has become a way of life, community, and culture.

A festival of lights and colors, where all visitors can enjoy this paradise landscape and sights for three nights, located in the heart of the desert. Thousands of people gather every year to celebrate the power of music and individuality.



Every year in the Netherlands, Held is considered one of the pioneering electronic music festivals in Europe together with Tomorrowland. Its large stages and its extraordinary show of lasers and pyrotechnics make the festival a unique event, where Dj’s and fans from all over the world meet annually to make you feel and enjoy the beautiful feeling of union with thousands of people. Same tastes and interests.


However, if you are a fan of vaping and are planning to attend multiple festivals, you need to know the correct vaping etiquette when using your devices on stage.

From the rules regarding vaping at an event venue or how to store your groceries, there are several things you need to check and prepare ahead of time. So here’s a quick music festival vaping survival guide to get you ready for rock and roll.

Keep your batteries safe


When you visit festivals, it is essential to make sure your device is safe. First, you need to check if your best mods are working. There is evidence that a device may explode under the effects of high heat and pressure in a crowded area. Keep the best vape mod in your pocket and take an extra battery. This way, you won’t damage your best box mod vape.


Check readiness

Charging ports and stations will be available at some festivals, but that doesn’t mean you can access a power source whenever you need it. So as well as being careful with batteries, make sure you have enough supplies during the festival.

Some festivals provide charging stations, but unfortunately, it is impossible to access a power source. It would help if you also remembered to take enough supplements for your best mods so that you can enjoy smoking during the festival. The most convenient option is this portable battery.

Heat fluids can deteriorate, so it is important to take extra. Worse in some cases, so it’s essential to have a source of juice on hand.


Have fun, but don’t forget about others

Have fun, but also remember how your actions affect others. Make sure you follow the rules of the festivals and don’t do anything to make people around you uncomfortable. For example, some people do not smoke, and because of this there is an unpleasant smell and large amounts of steam.

Music festivals are supposed to be a fun and inclusive activity.

Have a memorable time at any music festival, but don’t forget the essential things you need to know and do before you go.


Image Credit: Lachy Spratt on Unsplash

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