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Eric Prydz brilliant masterpiece ‘Opus’ turns 6 years old

It’s amazing how music serves as a measure of time. You know that time passes by, but, normally, the notion of that passage goes unnoticed. However, if you mention some remarkable songs, your memory will place you exactly in that year, like a real trip back in time. Today is the day to tighten your belt and go back six years in time to relive the moment when Eric Prydz releases ‘Opus‘.

You certainly have a top 10 iconic song for yourself, so does the industry, and ‘Opus’ is unequivocally one of them. This classic encapsulates the typical sound of the Swedish artist, serving as synonymous with Prydz. At the time, it was like an explosion that spread Eric Prydz’s name around the world and shattered some of the concepts of dance music. It was irreverent and innovative and remains so even after so much time has passed.

In 2015, as fans awaited the release of Prydz’s first studio album, the fourth LP extract was released. ‘Opus’ came out on 27 July 2015, showcasing 9 intricate minutes of the best that progressive music can offer. ‘Opus’ gave its name to the 19-track album released the following year and as well as being the longest track it is unequivocally the most iconic. It’s a safe bet to consider it the ultimate Prydz signature.

More recently, in 2020, Prydz released ‘Nopus‘ which in many ways seems to represent the legacy of ‘Opus’, continuing the magnificent service this timeless pear has done for lovers of progressive music. But what makes it an immortal success? The legendary craft of the Swedish producer. Sometimes progressive music can be a bit like walking on a treadmill or going through a deep tunnel where the tension thickens and tapers. In ‘Opus’, Eric Prydz creates a progressive tension, much in the style of a computer game where you advance through levels, but instead of tapering off, the layers seem to expand making your mind travel. Prydz’s engineering seems to work like a spell, getting inside the listeners head and messing with neuronal activity, causing an explosion of emotions.

Although Eric Prydz has produced many other tracks in the meantime, there is always a special place for ‘Opus’ in his sets. We’re sure you’ve got this beauty on all your playlists, but it’s always worth inviting you to listen to it once more below:

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