The minds behind Selected, YouTube’s House Music power-player: Interview

Nick Scheerbart and Nico Pinkoski forged the beginnings of the Selected legacy back in Berlin, 2013. Since then it has undoubtedly become one of the most reputable outlets at the summit of the dance music scene. The highly-respected music-blog, record label & event brand continues to dedicate itself to the art of house music, establishing a huge, deep rooted and loyal audience on YouTube, especially. While they have benefitted from exponential growth of the platform and demand for music video, they have generated their own success stories. Through their record label founded in 2015, they have nurtured countless upcoming artists from the ground up; some of whom continue to flourish within the industry today. 

Gradually refining their content over time, the global power-players have also expanded their outreach across as many other platforms as imaginable, branching out to thousands more who simply crave four-on-the-floor. They have drawn in so many, in fact, that they recently reached a remarkable milestone, surpassing three million subscribers on YouTube alone. Off the back of such an incredible achievement, we sat down with the masterminds behind the dance music brand for an exclusive interview, in which we discussed the past, the present and the future of Selected.

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. Firstly, how have things been over the last year? How has the pandemic affected your day-to-day life at the label?

Hi everyone! It has been a tough time. Video calls were helpful, but we just miss connecting with like minded people in the industry. Other than that our last 12-18 months were some of the most productive we ever had. Due to the epidemic we had a lot less distractions and just took the time to work on our expansion. Sadly we weren’t able to realize many live

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