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Interview: What the future holds for James Hype, one the industry’s most creative DJs

When it comes to the art of live DJ’ing there aren’t many who are as technically talented or as creative as James Hype. The British DJ and producer has generated an immense following off the back of his typically energetic DJ sets, outlandish bootlegs, live mashup ideas, and some incredibly successful productions. Breaking through back in 2016, the iconic trendsetter has since reached platinum status across multiple European countries, amassing millions of streams with originals and esteemed remixes for the likes of Meduza, Joel Corry, Rita Ora and Bruno Mars to name a few.

Not only is he now a staple of the UK club scene, but he has earnt the right to travel the world sharing his extensive knowledge of dance music with a growing, global audience. Having just flaunted his unrivaled DJ skills for the Tomorrowland Top 1000, we caught up with James in an exclusive interview to uncover what he has planned for the rest of the summer and beyond in a post-pandemic world…

Hey James, great to speak with you for the magazine this month. How have you been over the year or so? How have you been preparing for a gradual return to normality?

I have had the most enjoyable year of my life. I feel like I have found myself in my music, my personal life and found an amazing audience online through my videos and live streams, who I have connected with and feel like we have helped each other through this pandemic. The return to normality has started gradually. I have played a few shows so far. I hope


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