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Charlotte de Witte’s label KNTXT announces KNTXT Active

Charlotte de Witte has taken the next step with her label KNTXT and has launched a new division: KNTXT Active. With the pandemic giving Charlotte de Witte more time to explore other passions, one of these was fitness and health which has lead to this new chapter in the label’s history.

KNTXT Active will see the techno titan and her label delve into the world of high performance music & sports BPM’s and the connection between the two. Certainly interesting and unique as a concept, this has been kicked off by a clothing collaboration with Belgian boutique activewear brand 42I54, where the two brands have released a special KNTXT fitness gear merchandise run. The collection in this first capsule consists of an active track top (€85) and active track leggings (€130) and is available for purchase here. Created together by Charlotte de Witte and 42I54 founders & Olympic gold medalists Elodie Ouedraogo and Olivia Borlée, the three were surprised to learn that their worlds were similar and that they connected through their strength and passions.


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This isn’t the only thing to come out of KNTXT Active either. Excitingly, the label has also teamed up with Apple Music (with which they have a partnership) to release exclusive mixes. Aiming to connect mixes to different workouts based on their BPM, Witte states:

“The idea was to link certain types of workouts to certain types of music. For example, if you have something more ambient, very chilled out electronic music, that could, for instance, be a stretch workout. Or if there’s this high energy, bumping set, it can be used as a running workout. Concluding that the label bosses favorite music to work out to is, of course, techno. If you listen to techno, it’s fast, it pushes you as well as distracts you from your suffering while you’re running.”

There are currently three mixes in the series which are ‘Stretching’, ‘130 BPM’ and ‘145 BPM’, all curated by Charlotte De Witte. They are available to listen to here.


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