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Music banned in Mykonos as Covid-19 infections rise in Greece
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Image Credit: Cavo Paradiso Mykonos

Music banned in Mykonos as Covid-19 infections rise in Greece

Home Uncategorized Music banned in Mykonos as Covid-19 infections rise in Greece

With Mykonos arguably one of the most popular islands in Greece, the news of music being banned in restaurants and bars, as well as a nighttime curfew imposed on the island, have come at a time where tourism is at its peak. The rise in COVID-19 infections on the island, have led to a “worrying’ local outbreak, thus leaving the Civil Protection Ministry with no other choice than banning music around the clock, with shops, cafes and beach bars also included, as well as the restriction of movement between 1 a.m to 6 a.m with the exemption of those going to and from work or to the hospital.

In recent years, Mykonos has been the top destination in Greece for the upper-class, with the island welcoming over a million visitors every summer. Catering to the needs of celebrities and business people, Mykonos can be classified as the party island for the richest personalities around the globe. With that in mind, tourism is one of the most significant sectors in Greece when it comes to enhancing the country’s economy, with the last two seasons now being negatively impacted by the pandemic.

One of the most in demand night clubs on the island is Cavo Paradiso Mykonos, with an array of artists from the electronic dance scene performing there every summer. Now, with the latest restrictions that have been imposed on the island, the management of the club have taken to their social media accounts to provide the following statement;

“Dear friends, the Greek government has announced new measures against Covid-19 infections for the Island of Mykonos so as from today Saturday at 18.00 no music is allowed and there’s a curfew between the hours of 01.00 and 06.00. These measures are going to be in place until the 26th of July and further announcements will be made in due course. Consequently, we deeply regret to inform you that all shows until the 26th of July have now been cancelled. We are working hard to put a system in place so we can process refunds asap so we will start by refunding today’s show, and after two days the 18th. Please visit our socials regularly to find out the date in which the rest of the show’s refunds will be processed.”

With the Italian DJ duo Giolì & Assia set to perform at Cavo Paradiso on the day that the new restrictions were imposed, they also took to their social media accounts in order to express their feelings on the current situation, with the duo stating;

“We have no words. So sorry that we cannot perform tonight. The Greek government announced new rules starting today! No music, no shows and curfew starting at midnight! We really hope to see you soon guys, and come back when this whole Covid situation will end.”

As the number of infections continue to increase all over Greece, similar restrictions to the ones Mykonos is currently facing will most likely be imposed all over the country. However, for the time being,  restrictions are set until the 26th of July 2021, with the ministry calling “on the residents, visitors and professionals on our beautiful island to strictly follow the measures… so that we can quickly control and contain the spreading of the virus and Mykonos can return to normality.’

Image Credit: Cavo Paradiso Mykonos (via Facebook)

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