New York City to allow 24 hour parties under new proposal

It’s good news for party-goers of New York City, as the city will be true to the iconic statement by being the city that never sleeps, as a proposal has now be made to allow certain areas of the city to allow clubs to open for 24 hours. Already successful in cities like Berlin and Amsterdam, it’s hoped that the initiative being introduced will save the struggle that nightlife businesses have felt being unprecedentedly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s been almost a month since clubs reopened and within current guidelines, although recently announced that a vaccine and negative test would not be required for entry, everyone is expected to leave at the establishment at 4am. It comes as great news to the more than 25,000 venues and 300,000 nightlife workers that boosts the economy by $35.1 billion. The initiative includes designated areas of the city to allow the extra time open with New York City’s Office of Nightlife collaborating with city officials, with it being areas with low residential housing.

“We are recommending this as a pilot to identify areas where 24-hour use might be appropriate; new licenses that are committed to hosting community programming in exchange for this allowance in certain areas have proved wildly successful,”- Ariel Palitz, senior executive director of the New York City Office of Nightlife added about the plans.

Ariel then continued to express that the longer hours improved the safety of partygoers:

“actually help reduce conflicts and quality of life concerns by not having everyone rushing out and rushing in.”

You can find more out about the proposal on the New York City Office of Nightlife website here.


Image Credit: Marco Bottigelli, Getty Images

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