Nightclubs in England set to open back up without restrictions this month

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just announced today (July 5) that most restrictions are being taken away/eased by next Monday (July 12) following a previous delay in lockdown lifting, and this means that after a long wait, nightclubs will finally open in the country.

From July 19, nightclubs will be allowed to reopen with no restrictions including wearing masks or social distancing from people, and gathering limits will also be removed. Giving the live events and entertainment/culture sectors exactly the news they’d been waiting for since the pandemic stopped normality, this has shed some hopeful light on anyone who works within the industry from club owners to photographers and DJs to crew members alike. Bear in mind that this has only been applied to England, whereas Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland still remain in the dark for now.

Johnson has highlighted four aspects that need to go well in order to confirm this lockdown ease, and they are: vaccination programs continues to deploy at a successful rate, evidence showcasing that vaccinations are efficient in reducing hospitalisation and death rates in those that have been vaccinated, infection rates do not pose a risk to the surge in hospitalisation numbers and risk assessments are not changed by new variants of Covid-19.

It is now up the clubs on introducing their own safety rules, which means that clubs are free to do whatever they would like to help reduce Covid-19 numbers, including temperature checks on the door or even requiring proof of vaccination (although vaccine passports will not be a legal requirement) although some may not impose any rules.

In the full statement which is available to read here, Boris Johnson stated:

From Step 4, we will remove all legal limits on the numbers meeting indoors and outdoors. We will allow all businesses to re-open, including nightclubs. We will lift the limit on named visitors to care homes, and on numbers of people attending concerts, theatre, and sports events. We will end the 1 metre plus rule on social distancing, and the legal obligation to wear a face covering, although guidance will suggest where you might choose to do so, especially when cases are rising, and where you come into contact with people you don’t normally meet in enclosed places, such as obviously crowded public transport.”

Which nightclubs will you be hitting first?

Image Credit: Ministry of Sound Club (via Facebook)

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