PASC, Jey Aux Platines

PASC drops high-energy big room collaboration with Jey Aux Platines titled ‘There It Is’: Listen

PASC has a new single released on PYRO Records, entitled “There It Is” in collaboration with Jey Aux Platines. A combination of hardstyle that comes rave-ready, and flourishes of tech house, the infectious new single charts new territory for the rising talent.

There It Is” begins with thumbing beats, ushering in a clattering cacophony of apocalyptic blaring horns. A spoken word sample replaces any sung lyrics, beginning with a ponderous “I don’t even really know where to begin.”

Hailing from a very small town in Southern Germany, PASC had an unlikely start in the world of electronic dance music, considering he admits to neither reading music nor plays an instrument.

The new release is sure to get people dancing as summer festival season returns after the disappointing cancellations from last year’s pandemic. The aggressive style of the new track summons fans, new and old alike, to dance.

Co-artist Jey Aux Platines is a prolific collaborator with a residency on Spring Break Island at Noa Beach Club in Croatia. His work with PASC is being promoted across all social media platforms, including joint posts on their Instagrams to herald the new track to the world.

Listen to “There It Is” below:

Image Credit: PASC (Press), Jey Aux Platines (Press)