Pierce Fulton’s legacy lives on in posthumous yehno ‘We Can’ remix: Listen

Its been over a month since the tragic passing of the legendary Pierce Fulton at age 28 after a long struggle with his mental health. However, his music and memory continue to live on as a brand new posthumous remix recently released of yehno‘s iconic track ‘We Can’  as a part of the 7 track ‘Tomorrow We’ll Be Here’ EP.

The approved by the family release, this remix takes a more groovy approach than the original song, with a slower BPM the track features a different arrangement and a production that will not be out of place at any Ibiza lounge. The fluid beats and drums make for the perfectly produced track something Pierce Fulton was an expert at and known for. The master behind the original track, yehno discusses the life and talent that Fulton was when he adds:

“Pierce was so incredibly full of life, love & unimaginable creativity, He was kind, caring, thoughtful, silly & sweet. The most magical person that we were all so blessed to know, hear & see. He was an expert at absolutely anything he set his mind to & had this incredible ability to retain knowledge, unlike anyone I’ve ever known. The only word that truly can describe his abilities is genius.”

yehno also grabbed talents alike Martyn Bootyspoon, Ronan, Ouri and Priori to produce new versions of his music, and you can listen to the whole ‘Tomorrow We’ll Be Here’  EP which includes Pierce Fulton’s remix of ‘We Can on Spotify below. Anyone struggling with any mental health worries can check out global resources and services here and don’t be afraid to speak out, it’s okay not to be okay.


Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

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