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Pioneer DJ and Off-White collaborate for limited edition controller

The DDJ-1000-OW controller has arrived, and is the result of a refreshing new collaboration between Pioneer DJ and Italian luxury fashion label Off-White.

The controller, designed by Virgil Abloh’s iconic brand, is a re-modelling of the DDJ-1000 rekordbox and Serato controller and is available to purchase in the UK via a draw on the Selfridges app. Not much is different from the standard controller, however, a red stripe has been added to one of the decks and a new ‘Sound Engineering’ logo can be found on the controller.


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It doesn’t end there either, as Off-White have launched a new wave of clothing in connection with the new ‘Sound Engineering’ logo that appears on the decks, and includes tees, hoodies, and a coach jacket.

To purchase the controller, you must have the Selfridges app, where successful applicants must be able to complete the transaction within an hour of receiving a winning notification.

This is not the first time Pioneer DJ and Off-White have come together to collaborate on a limited edition DJ controller as the DDJ-1000-OW was preceded by a transparent version of the CDJ-2000nxs2 they made exclusively for Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art back in 2019.

Check out the limited edition DDJ-1000-OW controller for yourselves below!

Image Credit: Pioneer DJ YouTube

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