Quebec City prepares to host the biggest pilot concert to date

The smooth return to ’normality’ has been on everyones’ minds since the very beginning of the pandemic, and with different counties showing encouraging results towards the ultimate goal, it only gets us excited for a post COVID-19 future. With this in mind, Quebec City is preparing to host the biggest pilot concert to date!

With the initial concept of up to 20,000 fully vaccinated music fans attending the world’s biggest test concert, the minister for tourism in Quebec, Caroline Proulx, made the announcement that Laval University will be overseeing the test pilot, which is scheduled to take place on the 25th of September 2021. The chosen venue for the test concert are the Plains of Abraham, with local promoters enlisted for the concert, with the main instruction of booking at least three Quebec artists, whilst also making sure that at least 50% of the show is in French.

Set to take place on a 240-acre park in Quebec City, the Plains of Abraham are the perfect location for an open-air concert, with the ideal outcome of this test pilot being that all 20,000 spectators would be double-jabbed, and in turn no masks would be required, with also another 5,000 spectators having the choice of attending an indoor show which will most likely take place at the Videotron Centre arena. However, as “the goal is to make it an event that is safe, with no risk to people,” Sophie D’Amours from Laval University has made it clear that the concert would only go ahead  depending on the public health situation at the current time.

Moreover, with a cost estimation between CA$2–3 million (US$1.6–2.4m), Proulx made it clear in a press conference that was held on the 19th of July 2021, that “this large gathering will be free for people who participate on a voluntary basis,” whilst also identifying September as the ideal time for such an event to take place, as “we believe that the majority of Quebeckers will be [doubly] vaccinated.” Looking to follow with the results of no infections when hosting pilot concerts in Europe, the city of Quebec has set out to achieve the biggest concert to date throughout this pandemic.

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