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Review: BOOM Library – EnRage

BOOM Library has been one of the top favorite places for sample packs when it comes to cinematic scores & orchestral music. The immaculate quality of samples has gained the attention of music producers and composers all across the globe. BOOM Library has also been building its portfolio in the plugins industry as well. Down below is our review of their latest effects plugin ENRAGE.


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Enrage is primarily divided into 4 sections: Control, Mod Sources, Devices & Macro. The Devices section forms the core of the plugin. It has 12 effect categories ranging from gain, dynamics, filter, imaging, reverb, delay, pitch etc. Within each category, there are multiple effect options making up to 40 different effects in total. The most interesting part about this section is the matrix/rack. Within the matrix, you can combine, mix & match multiple effects in a series or parallel combination to achieve a unique result. Once you add any effect to the rack you can modify all the different parameters of that effect. You can also assign any of these parameters to 6 different macro knobs.

Parallel processing of effects has never been so easier to do. Normally if you want to process only the high frequencies it would take you 2 channels, an eq/filter + the effects you want to add. With EnRage, just drag and drop 2 effects from the Devices section into the matrix, and there you go. Beyond a doubt, it will save up a lot of your time when it comes to processing sounds. The quality of the effects is quite impressive as well. There isn’t anything outstanding about any of these effects but the ease of use and optimized workflow definitely make it worth it. The plugin has over 200 built-in presets as well.




The Mod Sources section allows you to modify various effect parameters with ADSR envelopes, LFOs, Transient Shapers etc. The section is pretty easy to use and lets you draw simple to complex envelopes, LFOs etc. within a matter of seconds.


mod sources




EnRage by BOOM Library comes in at a price of $349.00.



If you are looking for adding multiple effects to your arsenal of plugins, EnRage is a good option as it will save you a bunch of time and money in comparison to when you purchase and use individual effect plugins or bundles. The quality of effects is good however there are superior alternatives available in the market but they also come in at a steeper price. Overall, EnRage is an impressive plugin and definitely fuels your creativity and workflow.


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Image Credits: BOOM Library

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