Röyksopp album ‘Melody A.M.’ vinyl copy sold for $8,450

The iconic album ‘Melody A.M.’ by Röyksopp has sold a vinyl copy for the astonishing amount of $8,450 on Discogs. This surprising price is partly explained as this is an exclusive limited version that has only 100 copies available. Furthermore, it also contains cover art by the legendary street artist Bansky.

This sale has now entered the officials charts in Discogs for the most expensive records sold through the platform. In fact, there was a recent purchase of the copy that was even more impressive, collecting an out of this world price of almost $11,000 that made it one of the most expensive sales ever.

Röyksopp is a Norwegian Grammy-nominated electronic music duo formed in the North city of Tromsø in 1998 with a very characteristic and experimental style. The duo released their first album back in 2001 called ‘Melody A.M.’, which was a complete success in Norway reaching the platinum album certificate. The song was considered one of the best albums of the decade in the Scandinavian country, while it also entered the top 40 chart in the UK.

The duo is one legendary dance music group that has inspired many of the current dance music stars, like the one and only deep house producer Yotto, who remixed one of their songs Never Ever.


Image Credit: Röyksopp (via Facebook)

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