Sam Blacky 'No More'

Sam Blacky returns with sumptuous new single, ‘No More’: Listen

If you’re looking for a track that encapsulates that summer feeling, then look no further than Sam Blacky with her new single ‘No More’, out now on Stabby Records. 

Releasing on the label that she founded earlier this year, ‘No More’ steers towards her signature tech-house style, complete with a driving bassline, and soulful top-line that champions some captivating vocals. Expect to hear this one on heavy rotation as Sam is due to make live appearances once more as the pandemic begins to recede in different areas of the globe.

Speaking of her new single, Blacky discussed the sentimental value of her latest production;

No More‘ is super special to me not only because of the message in the lyrics, but also because this song can empower those who hear it and sing along in an almost cathartic way, saying goodbye to past negativity. It’s all about moving forward and realizing what you’re worth.

The former model-turned-producer is on a roll at the moment, as ‘No More’ follows up her other recent single ‘Paradise’, on which she calls upon the vocal talents of Madeline Austin. 

Check out the irresistible new single from Sam Blacky, entitled ‘No More’, below.

Image Credit: Sam Blacky

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