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Samuel Sonder dazzles with multi-genre EP ‘Backfire’: Listen

Not focusing on one genre but rather genres as a wide spectrum, producer Samuel Sonder draws inspiration from multiple different aspects to curate his signature sound. Living in Chicago for six years, he wasted no time in diving deep into the local underground scene, through the clubs and the local music, which inspired him greatly throughout his career. Nestled comfortably in between the worlds of melodic techno, progressive house and trance, you never know what style you will get with Samuel Sonder’s music which contributes to the excitement of it all: not knowing what will be around the corner with each release. Not only is Sonder a talented producer though, but is also a classically trained pianist, utilising this skill and knowledge into melodic productions.

All of this talent can not only be found in his numerous singles, but in his latest EP release. This release titled ‘Backfire’ has allowed him to expand his horizons, and pack in multiple different styles into a collection of tracks, giving his fans and new listeners a variety of themes to discover and enjoy.

Opening us up to this package of sounds, title track ‘Backfire’ packs a punch. Techno at its finest, it is relentless and punching yet still with hints of melody, letting us know that the producer means business. A perfect opener track, Samuel Sonder switches it up for the second track letting us know that we should expect the unexpected in a delightful way. The second track that we come across in this jam-packed EP is ‘Paradise’, and the title couldn’t ring truer. It takes listeners through an emotional journey of swirling and soaring synths that twinkle and shine like stars in the night sky, moving to skyscraper-esque buildups. ‘Paradise’ certainly is exactly that: a paradise of beautiful sounds. Last but not least, ‘It’s Hard To Remember’ does the important job of closing on a high note, and does it expertly. A groovy, deep track, the talented producer showcases – yet again – another different style making listeners listen on with shock. In this EP, it explores many different themes that make it feel much more than three tracks long, and leaves us wanting more from the producer.

Breaking into the Beatport charts, ‘Backfire’ is out now and you can listen to it below or stream it here.

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