Snavs releases mind-bending new track ‘Moods’: Listen

Copenhagen based DJ and producer Snavs has been continuously taking the world of electronic dance music by storm, with the young star constantly breaking the boundaries of music production with his versatile genre switching sound. Fans and listeners alike are always anticipating the next release and they will be happy to hear he has just released a brand new track titled ‘Moods’.

‘Moods’ is an extremely unique and incredible track, split into two halves with the genre swapping track starts off being dubstep before taking a turn for a more future bass sounding second half, something that has been inspired by the quick switching of a person’s mood. Deep and powerful vocals compliment the near-perfect production, containing aggressive dubstep beats filled with heavy synths that truly bring the track to life before it slows itself down with a more melodic approach. Snavs has played some of the worlds most esteemed festivals and clubs including Tomorrowland, Coachella, and Bootshaus. It would be highly magical to hear this track in any of these locations. The producer and DJ talks about the track and the inspiration behind it when he adds:

“The whole idea around ‘Moods’ is about reflecting on how fast your mood can change if something good or bad happens and how easily you can be affected by your surroundings. That’s why the mood of the track changes halfway through, and the first half is a grimey dubstep banger while the second half has more of a melodic and future bass vibe to it.”

The track is out now on Steve Aoki‘s label Dim Mak Recordsand the release is accompanied by a lyric video that you can watch on Youtube here. make sure you check the interesting track for yourself on Spotify below and let us know what you think!

Image Credit: Snavs (Press)

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