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New study reveals that music has helped 57% of people cope during lockdown in the UK

There’s no surprise that music, no matter the genre, helps and heals people through tough and challenging times in their lives. A new survey done in the UK has concluded that, especially in these times, music has had more of an impact than people think and the numbers are showing some surprising things. The point of the study was to observe and do a deep dive into how people’s music habits have evolved or changed during the pandemic and the lockdowns as a result of it, also studying the direct effects it has had and also how people view the future of music.

Perhaps the most surprising statistic that has been drawn from this survey is that a whole one million adults began to learn an instrument during lockdown, with lockdown leaving people more time to focus on certain hobbies whilst staying inside and having their day to day schedule interrupted. 57% of people had turned to music to deal with effects that the pandemic has had on them, whether emotionally or otherwise, with 42% of people stating that they had started to listen to music more than ever before. 31% of people said that music helps to ease anxiety with 56% feeling that it has improved their mood overall.

The study also touched on how people feel about the state of music in the aftermath of the pandemic, and 45% of those that participated in the study are concerned for their local venues being able to stay afloat and open again when things are normal enough to do so. Live music is certainly not dead though as 43% of music-lovers are planning to attend a festival in 2021, with 38% of those in the 18-24 age bracket looking forward to attending when lockdown eases.

“These results demonstrate just how important music is to our nation and the critical role it has played over the course of this pandemic, combined with the huge economic contribution the music industry made pre-Covid-19, this is further evidence that the UK music industry is a key national asset that should be protected and supported by government. People are clearly missing going to festivals, gigs, and concerts and eagerly awaiting the return of live music without social distancing. While the announcement of an end to restrictions from July 19 was very welcome, there remains one crucial last piece to the puzzle: action on insurance. Suggestions that restrictions may be reintroduced later this year creates huge risk for event organisers and the inability to obtain commercial insurance means many live events have already been called off this year. Many more are still at risk of cancellation, so we need the government to introduce an insurance scheme that enables organisers to plan events with confidence.” – Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, UK Music Chief Executive 

Where do you fit in with these statistics? Have you learned an instrument over lockdown or are looking forward to live music this year? Let us know in the comments. You can also read the full study here.


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