DJ GUY & Taihei

Taihei and DJ GUY release huge Festival Mix of ZAXX track ‘Chaos’: Listen

Based in Chicago, Taihei is a rising star set to make waves within the electronic scene. Starting to establish his career in 2017, he began experimenting with glitchy electronic sounds and combining them with powerful trance soundscapes creating something entirely new for a remix of Skrillex and Hikaru Utada‘s ‘Face My Fears’. Not stopping there with remixes, he also put his own spin on The Weeknd‘s ‘Too Late’ which garnered support from Maurice West during his popular radio show. 2020 saw Taihei enter the big room scene, and he has been truly unstoppable ever since.

Looking to reach the masses with this new release, the Chicago star has roped in DJ GUY to co-create a huge Festival Mix of ZAXX release ‘Chaos’. Being able to call himself one of Tiësto‘s collaborators, ZAXX is another young artist who has seen his career go on an upwards trajectory lately. Playing at EDC Las Vegas on the mainstage, he has also seen releases on the likes of W&W‘s Rave Culture and is only just starting. ‘Chaos’ was a track that both Taihei and DJ GUY instantly loved, thus creating a remix of it.

Taihei details the creation process below:

“Gabe [DJ GUY] and I met on Discord around the beginning of 2021, on a server with a bunch of other DJs and producers. Around June, we talked about ZAXX and his come back to the Big Room scene, especially about his comeback track “Chaos”. We really loved the track and we felt like we wanted to put our own spin on it. Soon after, we started sending out stems on Discord (I work in FL Studio, Gabe works in Ableton Live). In working on this remix, we’ve decided that we would split up the work 50/50; my melodic and chaotic sound is on the first-half, while the second-half has Gabe’s nostalgic Big Room sound, We were so happy with how it turned out. We’re really honored to get ZAXX’s support on this and we’re grateful for all the love that we’ve received from DJs and fans.”

With ZAXX supporting the release, it has already proven to be popular. Easing us into the track with punching synths that blossom into the atmospheric opening, Taihei and DJ GUY utilise soaring vocals within the buildup to create an aura of suspense, leaving us on the edge of our seats waiting for the drop. Proving to be well worth the wait though, it comes in to mix everything up and create a festival mainstage-style atmosphere leaving listeners powerless to the earth-shattering beats and making them instantly want to jump up and down. Combining melodic elements with nostalgic big room sound, Taihei and DJ GUY have proven to be a perfect match.

The pair’s Festival Mix of ‘Chaos’ is out now, so be sure to stream it below.

Image Credits: DJ GUY (Press), Taihei (Press)

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