I've Been Gone So Long

Talla 2XLC & Christina Novelli pair up to deliver vocal trance anthem ‘I’ve Been Gone So Long’: Listen

Trance titan Talla 2XLC continues unstoppable, on a release pace that makes any music producer jealous. This time he teams up with the incredible multi-talented Christina Novelli to release a trance vocal anthem that will blow you away. ‘I’ve Been Gone So Long‘ is a pristine production that oozes quality and intoxicating energy. The single was released today via That’s Trance, one of Talla 2XLC’s imprints.

When a trance pioneer collaborates with a multifaceted artist, the result can be nothing short of perfection. And that’s what Talla 2XLC and Christina Novelli deliver in this ravishing single. Labelled a tranceaholic, Talla 2XLC is music-driven, and a true musical machine. Despite being part of electronic music history and already having proved his worth, he still has a frenetic energy that makes him stir the release chart all the time. This rhythm is imprinted in his works, managing to transfer to the fans his passion and uplifting mood through music. Talla 2XLC has always been synonymous with powerful bangers. The DJ and producer is a true force of nature who handpicks his collaborations to achieve his bombastic ideas. To set the summer alight, he has chosen the London DJ, songwriter and singer Chistina Novelli. Their strengths complement and exponentiate each other, a perfect symbiosis that is perceived in this brilliant production. About this experience, Talla 2XLC says:

 ‘I’ve always wanted to work with Christina, ever since hearing her track ‘Concrete Angel’. We had spoken over Instagram for a while until finally, I asked her if she would want to work with me. She was just as excited as I was and I am really proud of this single. I would describe it as a ‘bangin’ trance ballad’ and I’m sure the fans will love it!”

Warm days, holidays, parties and good energy. If this is what comes to mind when you think of summer, get ready for a real sensory awakening. ‘I’ve Been Gone So Long’ is refreshing and a real treat for the palate. The production quality and catchy vocal-driven melody sets it apart from all the releases you may have heard. ‘I’ve Been Gone So Long’ spreads that dreamy trance atmosphere, making you levitate to the sound of a spacial and Balearic flavoured soundscape. The synthy leads shine with the same intensity as the summer sun, brightening up the whole track. The tight kick and punchy bassline typical of Talla 2XLC is very present, creating a delicious contrast to the airy and celestial melody. Christina adds an emotional charge to the track with her outstanding performance. Her voice is divine and delicate, but with a depth that infuses emotion and will keep you completely hooked on this track. The dynamics of ‘I’ve Been Gone So Long’ are very vivid, offering an incredible journey full of different intensities. It is, without a doubt, another pearl with Talla 2XLC’s signature.

The euphoria and joy this track emanates will fill hearts and dance floors all summer long, with a fire that won’t be easily extinguished. Singalong loud as you move your feet to this banging trance ballad. Download/stream the track from your favorite platform here. Listen to it on Spotify below:

Image Credit Talla 2XLC & Christina Novelli (Press)