Riot Ten & Stoutty revealed as Pushing Daizies, release new song ‘I Miss You’ via Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak: Listen

Fans and listeners of the American duo Pushing Daizies will be aware that the mystery about the identity of the pair has been a constant well kept secret. Known for their signature bass house sound that incorporates groovy and whimsical productions, the duo is returning to Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak label for what is their biggest release yet being ‘I Miss You’ in collaboration with Lucii, which comes with the announcement of who is really behind this mysterious and exciting pseudonym.


Pushing Daizies was formed in lockdown by the insanely talented Riot Ten and Stoutty who found themselves trying out new genres in lockdown. Not at first thinking what Pushing Daizies would then become as it started as just a couple collaborations between the two, which eventually became the alias that spawned multiple hit tracks such as ‘I’ll Be Alright’ and I Want To Know’Riot Ten talks more about how the duo came to be when he adds:

Pushing Daizies is a project that really began during the pandemic. With no shows happening, my livelihood all but taken away, stuck in quarantine with no end in sight, life became a little depressing. However, with the new found time, I began talking to my good friend Stoutty about exploring new genres together. Initially, we weren’t even thinking about making an entire project out of it. We just wanted to make powerful and emotional music that would be relatable during such crazy times. Something completely opposite of the music that we currently make, and we wasted little time before going full steam ahead.


‘I Miss You’  is a bass-heavy track, telling a story of missing a past lover or friend within the songs lyrics, something that almost everyone can relate to. Pulling on heartstrings and evoking nostalgia from the past the song is matched with its incredible piano filled melody and aggressive drop. Although relatively short, this is a special song that will catch the attention of the listener with its incredible vocals and production style. Lucii who wrote the track talks more when she states:

I wrote this song when I was reflecting on the memories of a past relationship. It dawned on me that everything that I used to get really annoyed with ended up being the things that I was actually missing. Missing someone, whether it be a lost friendship or a failed relationship, is hard. The trips, the fights, the hanging out, the going out, it leaves a certain void that isn’t just replaceable overnight. To me, that’s what I wrote this song about, the absence of the presence of the person.


‘I Miss You’ is out now and you can check it out on Spotify below. The release is also accompanied by an animated lyric video you can watch on YouTube here. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of finally getting to know who is behind the incredible Pushing Daizies.


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