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Ultra Naté and Funk Cartel drop sparkling collaboration ‘Supernatural’: Listen

Funk Cartel and Ultra Naté combined forces to deliver summer in the form of music. ‘Supernatural’ is the name of the single that was born from this successful collaboration and promises to spread good mood and positive energy. This feel-good anthem is now out via Skint Records.

Ultra Naté and Funk Cartel are at very different times in their careers. However, that hasn’t disturbed their symbiosis. The good combination of talents is quite clear and the result is an uplifting cut that you will hear a lot on the radio and also on the dancefloors. Ultra Naté needs no introduction. The world-renowned singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, label boss and producer was ranked one of Billboard‘s ‘Greatest of All Time’ dance artists. With a long, extensive and still active career, Ultra Naté will always go down in the dance music books as the mother of many international hits. Outstanding in her portfolio are hits like ‘It’s Over Now‘, ‘Rejoicing‘, ‘If You Could Read My Mind‘, ‘Automatic‘, ‘New Kind Of Medicine‘, ‘Found A Cure‘, and of course ‘Free‘, one of the most chanted songs on the dancefloors and still indispensable in some setlists. In fact, it was the opening track for many performances at the reopening events of the nightlife around the world.

Funk Cartel, on the other hand, have only just started their journey. The duo made up of brothers Rory and Cameron are a fast-rising house act who, from the start, have shown potential. They recently graduated from Point Blank Music School and already have their musical signature well imprinted. Funk Cartel’s mission is to brighten up the underground sound by making rave-ready cuts. ‘Don Vincenzo‘, ‘Choppa‘, ‘Acid Nights‘, and ‘Hot Dials‘ are some of their recent releases from the duo who have been supported by Joseph Capriati, Adam Beyer, Sam Divine, and more.

Supernatural’ perfectly combines the thoroughness and pristine technique of Funk Cartel’s production and the distinctive sultry voice of Ultra Naté. The track is quite eclectic, combining funk, soul and pop influences in a deep house sound able to brighten up your summer days. The percussion is bubbling without being overpowering. The calps give it a special glow and lightness, making it easy to enjoy. Ultra Naté’s peppy and burly vocals are very well handled, gaining a natural highlight. The lead of the track is unequivocally its uplifting and cathartic message. It’s an escapism from trouble, no doubt about it. On this shot of good vibes, Ultra Naté said:

‘Supernatural’ is being released at a moment when the world needs this kind of energy and departure from the difficulty we’ve endured in isolation. For me, ‘Supernatural’ has a sing-a-longable quality that lifts the spirits and welcomes everyone back to the dance floor with open arms.’

The Funk Cartel further adds that:

‘The backing track to Supernatural played an influential role in the start of our career and to have the legend that is Ultra Naté grace it with her vocals only makes it more special to us as a record. We hope the track spreads positivity to everyone that hears it bringing happiness as we start to come back together this year.’

All music lovers need right now is just that. Energy positive and feel full again in a packed dancefloor. Bless your summer with this energetic anthem, Watch the retro-inspired music video of ‘Supernatural’ below:

Image Credit: Funk Cartel (Press), Ultra Naté (Press)