VER:WEST unleashes nostalgic new single ‘Elements Of A New Life’: Listen

VER:WEST, the mysterious alter-ego of trance royalty Tiësto, is back with a brand new single. ‘Elements Of A New Life‘ was released this Friday, July 16, making it the second single from this disruptive facet of the legendary DJ and producer.

If the name of this new single reminds you of Tiësto’s iconic 2007 album ‘Elements Of Life‘, you’re right, it’s no mere coincidence. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this new alias from the Dutchman, but one thing seems to be certain, the genesis of his work, back in the days, is his inspiration. Buckle up, for you could be entering a true musical journey to the land of nostalgia.

Two of the most admired tracks from this majestic ‘Elements Of Life’ are ‘Ten Seconds Before Sunrise‘ and the single with the same name as the album. Coincidence or not, both seem to have been the starting point for both VER:WEST’s works.

Tiësto introduced VER:WEST to the world last year. In April 2020, in the hour-long livestream of his deep cuts oriented imprint AFT:HRS on ‘Beatport RE:Connect‘, the artist gave a sophisticated test drive of this new persona of his. The acceptance from the audience and the industry was beyond positive, repeating itself months later when Tiësto showed off his darker club facet again at the digital edition of Tomorrowland, in July 2020. July 17 of that year saw the official release of VER:WEST’s first single ‘5 Seconds Before Sunrise‘. Yes, the title of the song brings chills and nostalgia, as it reminds you of the excitement that the Tiësto sound imprinted on the dancefloor a decade ago. This extraordinarily melodic and euphoric debut single has amassed 10M global streams so far and received great support from BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong, Benny Benassi and MEDUZA.

Now, after exactly one year, ‘Elements Of A New Life’ is released. This pearl was premiered by the iconic Ukrainian duo ARTBAT on June 30 this year at Exchange LA and has also been played by Tiësto not long ago at Factory 93 in California. The reaction of the fans is totally proportional to the grandiosity of the quality of this deep cut.

VER:WEST is a real dichotomy between the old, as it channels much of that minimalist yet uplifting flavour of classic trance, and modern production, as it showcases gently heavy melodies.

‘Elements Of A New Life’ is a melodic house track wrapped in bright techno. The synths are pulsing and sparkling, inviting you to flow. The percussion is dramatic and powerful, to keep your feet on this planet. The melody seems to gently embrace you and grab you, while the strong bass pierces your soul until it empties your mind.

The more purist might say that the ‘old Tiësto‘ is back. It would be no less appropriate to say that the new Tiësto is here. Tags and genres aside, what matters is that you can enrich your playlist with ‘Elements Of A New Life’. Listen below to one of the tracks you’re sure to find on the dancefloor this summer.


Image Credit: Michael Linssen / Redferns / Getty Images