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Yellow Claw reveal house and techno alias €URO TRA$H with lead single: Listen

If you have been keeping up with Yellow Claw and the Barong Family crew, you already know those bass-fueled and groovy Hotel Barong live streams were just a taste of what is to come. When Yellow Claw invites some of the crew to Bali for not only creative sessions but to hang out and bring the family closer as we have seen on various social media channels, we know that is an offer you cannot resist. Joining Yellow Claw in Bali, talented artists RayRay, Sihk, Psycho Boys Club, Dysomia, Rawtek, and Sky Sky came together to form the Hotel Barong series. Now, knowing Yellow Claw they always have a few surprises up their sleeves, and this time they are debuting their very own house and techno alias €URO TRA$H with their lead collaboration “Trust You” with the Psycho Boys Club and featuring Bonnie Strange.

€URO TRA$H belongs in those underground warehouse parties where one loses track of all time and becomes one with the music. With a grueling backdrop of bass-infused kick drums and enticing vocals, listeners begin to go into a trance-like state to keep you dancing all night long. As high-pitched frequencies and elements of distortion begin to shift levels, €URO TRA$H are proving they are a true force to not take lightly in the music scene. Further inspiring those to experiment with several different genres and go beyond their comfort zone, Yellow Claw is always riding their own wave such as their past single “DRXGS” featuring stunning vocals from Sara Fajira. Proving they really can do it all, €URO TRA$H’s lead collaboration is about to be played on repeat all summer long.

Taking to their official Instagram to announce the new alias, Yellow Claw shares:

“This is a special project we have been working on for quite a while now really taking us back to the origin of the rave,” they said. “We hope you guys are ready for this and we feel blessed to be in good health and be able to share these songs with you. As some parts of the world are slowly opening up we hope to serve you these live somewhere, preferably in a dark basement with nothing but strobe lights and bad intentions.”


Photo Credits: Yellow Claw Official Press

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