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Australia’s Outback Music Festival Group issues a ‘no vax, no jive’ policy for 2022 events

As COVID-19 still impacts day to day life, events organisers are left in different predicaments relating to the safe return of shows and festivals. This however, is not the case for the Outback Music Festival Group. The Australian based company has issued a ‘no vax, no jive’ policy for its 2022 Broken Hill Mundi Bash and Birdsville Big Red Bash events.

With the introduction of such a policy being a first in the Australian music industry, the company has set out to ensure the safety of everyone attending these events. In turn, all ticket holders, staff, volunteers, contractors and vendors over the age of 16 will have to provide a vaccination certificate in order to be a part of the selected events.

When talking about this ‘no vax, no jive’ decision, the founder and managing director of the company, Greg Donovan, has provided a clear picture of everyone impacted when hosting such events. Thus, it became somewhat of a necessity to take such action, with the pandemic still in full force for the time being. In further detail, Donovan has stated;

“Whilst we respect the choice of individuals as to whether or not they decide to get vaccinated, due to the nature and location of our festivals we have decided to make vaccination a condition of attendance for everyone aged 16 and over – including patrons, staff, contractors, vendors and volunteers.”

With Donovan noting that not all attendees will be happy with the enforcement of such a policy, he has been left with no other option when it comes to ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Moreover, the inability of insuring festivals against COVID-19 is also considered another major factor towards the announcement of such a decision, with Donovan further stating;

“We take out insurance to protect our events against weather conditions such as extreme rain and wind. COVID is currently our biggest threat, and it’s the one thing we can’t insure against. And the Government has offered us no life-line in that respect either.”

When hosting the 2021 Birdsville Big Red Bash back in July, the Outback Music Festival Group became the first music promoter company in the country to host an event with as many as 10,000 attendees since the onset of the pandemic. Although a step in the right direction at the time, this latest policy has been deemed of the essence and will take place at the inaugural Broken Hill Mundi Bash which is expected to take place in April and August 2022, as well as the return of Birdsville Big Red Bash next July.

Image Credit: Big Red Bash (via Facebook)

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