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CANITROT unveils electric new track ‘Cycles’: Listen

Making sure that he never spends too long off the release radar, Parisian sensation CANITROT is back, this time with a new release titled ‘Cycles‘.

Always ensuring that his productions are electrifying his listeners and keeping them on the edge of their seats, hanging onto every little detail and synth, ‘Cycles’ is certainly one of these tracks where full attention is demanded. Taking some of the very best elements of techno and melodic electronic music, CANITROT combines these beloved ideas with his original and highly unique production style, crafting a concoction that everyone will want a piece of. When listening to this single, it is almost impossible not to lose yourself within it. Swirling soundscapes, beautiful violin-esque sounds and a consistent rhythm: it truly has it all. Emotive and excellent, the pure strength of the track drives listeners forward on a magical journey making this a standout production.

Fans of CANITROT were lucky enough to be treated to a sneak peek of the track during the latest stop on the Monumental Tour (which sees him do jaw-dropping DJ sets from multiple historic locations around France) at Phare des Baleines where he played it out in a spectacular backdrop accompanied by an audio-visual performance like no other. You can rewatch that set here.

‘Cycles’ follows CANITROT’s previous release ‘Niteroi‘, kickstarting his album rollout, seeing him explore new directions in the studio and build his signature style up even further, going to colossal heights. ‘Cycles’ is out now, and can be streamed here and on Spotify below.

Image credit: Dimworks

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