Dirty South

Dirty South releases ‘Dope Shells’ from upcoming 5-track EP: Listen

Releasing via Lane 8‘s This Never Happened label, Dirty South has unveiled another offering from his upcoming 5-track EP which is coming soon. Titled ‘Dope Shells’, it follows on from ‘Viggo’, the first offering from the anticipated EP.

Always armed with infectious melodies, the Serbian-Australian DJ has released his brand-new melodic house cut ‘Dope Shells’, and it is already proving to be popular with the fans. With a long discography full of timeless hit after hit, the tastemaker knows the recipe for success and this has carried on throughout the years with each of his releases. Proving his prowess as a producer every time, this latest release does certainly not drop the ball on quality as he drives his sound forward.

A driving track perfect for late night cruises, ‘Dope Shells’ takes listeners on a journey through a melodic, dreamlike world where they can let go of their worries and thoughts. Intricate, detailed and thought out, it is clear that the producer has thought out every tiny little note on the track. Meticulously crafted, it is a magical track that does an expert job of letting listeners know exactly what they are to expect from the full EP when it drops (which is hopefully soon).

‘Dope Shells’ by Dirty South is out now via This Never Happened, and you can listen to it below or stream it here.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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