Lemme Take You

Ferry Corsten delivers hybrid floor-filler ‘Lemme Take You’: Listen

Ferry Corsten arrives on a special mission to infuse your summer with some electric vibes. The legendary Dutch producer uses his deep passion for music to transform a cherished track and give it a renewed and rejuvenated life. ‘Lemme Take You‘ is a very special single, born from the iconic 1988 dance hit ‘Good Life‘ by Inner City and promises to fill dancefloors. This latest intriguing work from Ferry Corsten is out now, via Armada Music.

Creativity and talent have never been lacking in Ferry Corsten throughout his long and prestigious career in music. With an elegance transverse to the artists of his generation, he always signed his works with a class and mastery difficult to achieve. His meteoric rise back in the days has never overshadowed or slowed him down, always seeking to renew and reinvent himself, offering his fans a continuum of quality music. This time, the prolific veteran producer offers a charismatic sonic voyage throughout music eras, perfectly blending time, genres and feelings.

‘Lemme Take You’ was premiered at Tomorrowland 2019, spreading infectious energy through the crowd. This uplifting cut was initially conceived to shine within Corsten’s livesets in a festival setting, where it works wonderfully well. However, Ferry Corsten has brought it to life and turned it into an official release, much to the delight of his followers. ‘Lemme Take You’ goes with summer, with holidays and is an invitation to embark on a journey through the magical land of dance music. Listen to this progressive belter and not dance. That’s a proper challenge. Corsten has already crossed several and distinct moments of the industry, having absorbed influences from several genres and styles. This mix and eclecticism get a special shine on this track, which bridges the timeline between iconic classic and contemporary elements. To create ‘Lemme Take You’ the Dutch producer took inspiration from the globally adored gem ‘Good Life’ by Inner City, taking the original vocal and surrounding it with timeless energy and superb elements. About this masterful makeover, Corsten said:

‘It is always amazing to see a creation you make just for your sets turn into an official release. I have always loved ‘Good Life’ by Inner City so I’m glad that the original artists granted me permission to use this vocal chop, which is the cherry on top for this record. I hope that this track will bring a lot of joy to many people this summer.

The hybrid nature of this single makes it an appealing dance cut for a wide audience, delighting music lovers of various genres. Stepping out of the norm with fun creativity and a versatile sound, ‘Lemme Take You’ represents the spirit of dance culture, inviting a full enjoyment.

The pacing is energetic without bringing any trepidation, employing a lightness and fun that at times seems to skim disco. The ethereal dance of the synths ensures the progressive sound to it while the beat crisply determines the rhythm. The classic vocals of Paris Grey seem to have been sung now, preposterously to voice this cheeky invitation ‘Let me take you to a place I know you wanna go‘. It’s progressive house that channels the discotheque energy. Whether it’s under a mirror ball, at a festival or in a grimy club, this track is a guaranteed smash, a true modern dance hit. Listen to it below:

Image Credit: press