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Premiere: Jenna Jay release emotive new track ‘Someone Real’ and talks all about her career: Interview

Bursting onto the scene, young vocalist Jenna Jay is truly a star in the making. Armed with a uniquely powerful voice and drawing from real life experiences which allows her audiences to connect with her on a deep level, she has now released her newest single ‘Someone Real’.

‘Someone Real’ is all about wanting to find a real, genuine person. Using her own personal experiences, this has added a layer of deep emotion into the track. With Jenna Jay stating that she wrote it about a previous relationship of hers after going through a series of betrayals and lies after lies, this is something that many people can relate to which makes it all the more amazing to listen to and get drawn in by the beautifully sung lyrics. A powerful soundscape is featured throughout, and signifies the start of a long, successful career for Jenna Jay. With this track, which you can listen to below, we wanted to also get an insight into the mind of Jenna Jay, her creation process and more. We Rave You sat down with the ‘Someone Real’ star to find out more about her.

What made you want to become a musician? 

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a strong passion and intense pull towards music. I knew it was in my blood and I just always felt magic there. It was so natural and right to me.  I grew up singing at my church and school in plays and musicals. I also self taught myself how to play drums and guitar. My life was involved with a lot of religious songs because of my family being so strictly religious and my dad being a christian pastor. I’ve always been a bit rebellious though and wanted to go outside the lines. The idea of me wanting to be a singer came on after I had my first bad heartbreak at 20. At that moment, a spark was set inside of me. I drove home a mess in tears and all I wanted to do was write a song. I named it, “Someone Real.” Shortly after, I lost my father. Music became my therapy and a safe place to pour out my emotions. I knew from that point music was my life and all I wanted to do. 


What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

What makes me feel so passionate about music is the way It makes me feel inside. It’s my therapy and home to run to when I’m stuck in my own thoughts and feel so alone. It sets my heart on fire and takes me out of this world and I get lost in it. I also get so passionate about writing things that I know others will relate to. I love being able to help people through their pain and remind them they are never alone. 


What artist do you admire the most and why? 

I admire the rapper NF the most. He is one of the most real artists out there. I really admire his deep lyrics that are so personal and how he isn’t afraid to put his trauma out there for the world to see. That’s a really hard thing to do. As humans we can feel so alone sometimes and scared to say how we feel and I think he’s changed a lot of lives. His art is just incredible.

Image Credit: Jenna Jay (Press)


What’s your process of creating a song? 

My process of creating a song usually starts from an emotional situation I’m going through; something really heavy on my heart that’s affecting me. A lot of the time I’ll have to pull over in my car and I’ll get a burst of ideas. It can honestly be pretty scattered and messy at first. I write down a bunch of random things I’m feeling and then mash it all together. As I’m writing a song, I hear a melody in my head that goes along with the lyrics I’m creating. I also hear instruments and sounds that would fit that song too. 


Who in your life supports your music career the most? 

My two best friends Paige and Sarah support me the most with my music. They really believe in me and tell me constantly how they believe singing is my life path. They support me and lift me up the most through my doubts and struggles.


How do you deal with negative comments and people doubting you? 

I try to focus on what I feel is right and shut out what others have to say. Sometimes when you know something is right for you inside, you just know. When I’m on my deathbed I want to say I have no regrets and at least tried. You never know the things that could happen unless you do. The world will always be full of hate and negative people that have bad things to say, but what matters is how you feel inside. I just keep moving.  


What’s your favorite part in this line of work? 

My favorite part in this line of work is definitely being able to create art to put out into the world that can change lives and touch people. It’s so awesome being able to make your thoughts come to life in songs. It’s such a neat feeling. 


What’s the story behind your stage name?

The story behind my stage name goes like this. One night I was investigating different J names online that were catchy to go with my real name. I stumbled upon Jay. I thought to myself Jenna Jay would sound super catchy but i was curious what the name Jay meant. I went to search it up and it said It’s a nickname for someone who talks a lot. It fit me perfectly. 


Where do you see yourself going in music?

I really have no idea what the future holds. I hope one day I can influence thousands of people and say I did my part to help humanity through my music. That’s definitely a dream of mine.


‘Someone Real’ by Jenna Jay is out now.

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