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Kid Vincent breathes new life into classic hit with ‘Waiting For A Star To Fall’: Listen

One of Germany‘s freshest exports, Kid Vincent is not only someone with multiple talents but also multiple years of experience with being a tastemaker over the last 20 years. Winning a DJ contest in 2005 and letting his talents be known to the world, he has won over his home country and his talents have also spread to other corners of the world, gaining fans wherever he goes whilst expanding his catchy and ever-growing discography of hits.

To add to this discography, Kid Vincent has released his latest offering ‘Waiting For A Star To Fall’ and it is certainly one of his most special releases to date. ‘Waiting For A Star To Fall’ acts as a homage to the pop duo Boy Meets Girl‘s hit of the same name, released all the way back in 1998. With this rebirth, the German maestro is able to breathe new life into it, giving it a modern touch of paint.

This version of the track aims to be completely different whilst still retaining the influence of the original, and it does it perfectly. Turning it completely on its head to become a true dance anthem, the beat hits the perfect sweet spot of being danceable yet minimalistic and sweetly simple. Not overpowering the hypnotic vocals but instead giving it a foundation to grow upon and stand strong, the result is that of true magic. Nostalgia runs deep throughout ‘Waiting For A Star To Fall’, feeling comfortingly familiar whilst giving us completely new elements to pour over. A tight-knit arrangement compiles thousands of little details such as guitar sounds, carefully curated synths and much more that all come together to form one cosmos. Creating a dark, pulsating and moody version, the title seems fitting for this track, perfect for a late night stargazing session or a long drive.

Also doing something special for this release, the track will be in stores to coincide with the Perseids meteor shower on the night of August 12 and 13, creating a spectacular display of hundreds of falling stars per hour, something that this track was born to be the soundtrack of.

Listen to the stunning track by Kid Vincent below, and keep up to date with his new releases through his Instagram page.

Image credit: Silvan Griffith 

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