KSHMR’s Dharma Worldwide presents ‘Sounds of Summer’ Volume 3: Listen

Founded and headed by the legendary record producer & DJ KSHMR, Dharma Worldwide is one of the hottest labels in the industry right now that boasts a roster containing extremely talented artists and chart-topping hits. Heading halfway into the month of August, the label has just unleashed the third volume of its annual compilation “Sounds of Summer,” which is out now on all platforms.

Featuring some top-notch artists from the electro house scene including ZafrirDronarkThe MVISTUBBVRNMOOVS, and AUDIOMiLF, the compilation provides an exotic listening experience with the highest quality productions on the label from the past twelve months. After the massive success of the previous two volumes, this release has been highly awaited and talked about in the industry for quite some time now.

Here’s what the label head KSHMR had to say about Sounds of Summer Volume 3 –

“The Dharma Sounds of Summer is a compilation to put all the great music we’ve received from producers this year in one place. Zafrir and I have been friends ever since Alok introduced us so I’m really excited for our song to finally be out. Zafrir is an absolute master at bringing vocalists and instruments from all over the world together”

Don’t forget to check out the mind-wobbling compilation by Dharma Recordings below or stream it here.


Image Credit: KSHMR (via Facebook)

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