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Marco Dalla Villa delivers stunning music video for single ‘Baltasound’: Watch

Back in June, Marco Dalla Villa released the highly popular, worldwide known single ‘Baltasound’. Named after the largest settlement on the island of Unst in Scotland, Villa paid tribute to the stunning, remote place with a beautiful single that packed a true punch. Finding this place after virtually exploring the world on google maps (his answer to travelling during the pandemic), he has excitingly unveiled a music video to go along with the single which has proven to be just as beautiful, and an excellent visual accompaniment.

The official music video is scenic to say the least. With stunning, sweeping shots that do a perfect job of showcasing the pure natural beauty of the island, this is all helped by the soaring soundscape given off by the track. Making anyone who watches this video want to have an epic adventure in nature, anyone can live vicariously through the ‘Baltasound’ music video. Even complete with literal birds eye view shots, it truly has it all and is packed with fun, beauty and surprises as every second passes. Featuring appearances from motorcycle influencer Andres Astarita and runner Flora Beverly, it is truly jam packed.

If you tuned into our Facebook page on August 20, you will have already seen a peek at the music video thanks to the stream we did with Marco Dalla Villa which saw him perform an energy-filled hour long set on the island. About this stream and the music video itself, Villa stated:

“It was the first time that I have played outdoors without an audience and it felt so incredible to perform in such a breathtaking location, with so much empty space around me. When the first drop came in, I raised my head, and instead of people dancing there was a sheep staring back at me! It was impossible not to laugh at that moment!” 

You can rewatch the stream here, and don’t forget to check out the full music video down below.

Image credit: Marco Dalla Villa (via Facebook

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