Porter Robinson’s debut album ‘Worlds’ turns 7 years old

Although we’re still reeling from the excitement of Porter Robinson releasing his second studio album Nurture, today we celebrate the anniversary of the album that started a long and beautiful journey: ‘Worlds’.

Released on August 12, 2014 through Astralwerks, ‘Worlds’ was born through Porter Robinson’s growing tiredness of the commercial EDM scene, feeling as though it was debilitating for his creativity by having too much of a strict formula leaving no room for experimenting. Wanting to be true to himself after years of making crazy dancefloor hits, ‘Worlds’ marked a massive shift in styles that people knew him for. With Japanese influence and nostalgic elements, it fast became one of the electronic music industry’s most beloved albums and even 7 years on still feels as fresh as the first day of release.

Remaining silent about the album through its creation process, he surprisingly dropped ‘Sea of Voices’ as the leading single out of nowhere, causing a frenzy and leading to a worldwide trend on Twitter. Two months later, the iconic track and arguably the most popular of the album – which saw him duet with a vocaloid named AVANNA – ‘Sad Machine’ was dropped, with ‘Lionhearted’ and ‘Flicker’ rounding off the single releases.

No ordinary album, ‘Worlds’ was a conceptual art piece, which the likes of had never been seen before in that capacity. Following with a ‘Worlds Live’ tour which went on for years and years, it sparked one of the most beloved and unique live show concepts to hit the electronic scene.

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit ‘Worlds’ by Porter Robinson down below.

Image credit: Priscilla Rodriguez 

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