Printworks presents Inkwells, a new room within the iconic venue

London’s iconic venue Printworks will reopen in September with an ambitious reopening party taking place on the 17th, 18th, and 19th. This fact alone is already causing ravers excitement, but now comes news that takes the excitement to another level. In this much-awaited Autumn/Winter 2021 season, Printworks presents a new room within the venue. Inkwells is the new low ceiling space located underneath Printworks’ main hall, with a 5,000 people capacity. This space will be used as a third room for the events of this AW21 season, which promises to be big and now even bigger.

The name Inkwell refers to the genesis of the venue. When the venue was a printing factory, this space was used to store giant ink tanks, so it makes sense that it keeps that reference alive now. Printworks is not only known for hosting some of the industry’s most exciting events but also for its striking aesthetic. Inkwells will perpetuate the raw, industrial concept worked on in the other two rooms and in a way keep the factory spirit of the building alive. This third room stands out for its low ceilings and concrete pillars, features that promise to be enhanced by specially designed lighting. It’s easy to imagine how this aesthetic will come to life when the music echoes off those bare walls and that floor adorned with dancing bodies.

Printworks has a beyond exciting schedule for this season starting as early as next month with a three-day opening. Oliver Heldens and a Drumcode event are also on the horizon along with other not-to-be-missed posters. With a no-phone policy and with one more venue, Printworks promises to reactivate the spirit of pure music worship. Sign up for Printworks AW21 here.


Image Credit: Jake Davis for Printworks London