SAGA Festival

SAGA Festival announces new venue change for 2021 edition

With just three weeks to go until the world gets to see what SAGA Festival has to offer for the first time, the surprises keep coming. One of those surprises happens to be the news of a venue change.

Looking to make it an experience to never forget in a safe and spacial environment, this is what has lead them to make the decision to move from Izvor Park, the original venue. Still staying firmly in the city of Bucharest, SAGA Festival will now take place in Romaero, located right near the Băneasa International Airport. This new venue allows for a larger space for more surprises around each corner but above all else gives partygoers extra room to dance the night away in a safer, less enclosed space also giving them peace of mind. This decision was made alongside Bucharest City Hall and can now allow for SAGA to truly take off on September 10-12 in a venue unlike any other, further proving the fact that you cannot get this experience anywhere else.

About the new venue, SAGA Festival said:

“We are thrilled about the new site and still in awe of its roughness, history and potential of creating a breathtaking experience, which combines the best electronic music and the unique feeling of partying on an airport, with the planes as a background.”

Romaero is a historic space, with the company being founded in 1920. Focusing on aircraft repairs and component manufacturing for companies that are overseas, electronic fans will be watching their favourite artists put on phenomenal sets with a background rich in history. For those that are jetting out from different countries, this is not only a convenient location but further drives forward the theme of lifting off to an entirely new world.

SAGA Festival takes place on 10-12 September, and final tickets are available here. Are you ready for take off?

Image credit: AMF press, EDC press

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