Swedish House Mafia

Sebastian Ingrosso teases Swedish House Mafia’s return to touring

Arguably one of the most influential acts within the electronic dance industry, Swedish House Mafia may finally be ready for a long-awaited return to touring. Teased on Instagram through a post shared by Sebastian Ingrosso, the speculations are well and truly under way!

The recent return of the iconic trio has had fans alike eagerly anticipating their every move, but despite their resurgence, they have so far remained tight-lipped about any future plans. Known for their cryptic promotional conduits, all three members of Swedish House Mafia have been using social media in ways that keep their fans guessing for what’s to come next.

With the releases of both ‘Lifetime’ and ‘It Gets Better,’ the trio have had their fans on meltdown ever since, whilst the speculations of a potential collaboration with The Weeknd, further intensify’s the mystery surrounding the group. With this said, Ingrosso’s recent post has got fans in a frenzy, with the producer expressing his gratitude for getting to work with his team again, whilst also stating that he “can’t wait to see our fans and show them what we have.” In further detail, Ingrosso has shared the following;

“I really don’t write captions because I believe the music should speak for what we want to say. But I am blessed to be able to do what I do with the people I respect and admire the most. I can’t wait to see our fans and show them what we have because it really means the most to us you are the reason that we are here and that we came together again we miss you all so damn much!”

Shared also on the band’s Instagram Stories, this latest post could well and truly be the indicator for the long-awaited return of Swedish House Mafia to touring. With speculations now fuelled for any potential shows in the near future, we could not be any more excited and hopeful that is the case!

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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