Tomorrowland launch new Tomorrowland Music label in partnership with Universal Music Group

Further expanding the global brand to new heights, iconic festival Tomorrowland have announced today that they are launching the Tomorrowland Music record label in a global partnership with Universal Music Group, also working alongside Virgin Records Germany and Virgin music label & artist services globally.

Considering that Tomorrowland has branched out into different multimedia forms such as radio with their One World Radio station, their own TML by Tomorrowland fashion brand and also their expansion into two festivals a year with the hit success of Tomorrowland Winter (and digital summer Around The World and New Year’s Eve festivals), a label is a great way to further solidify Tomorrowland’s place atop the industry. With this label partnership, the brand will have access to a large pool of international divisions such as marketing resources and other aspects to create smash hits. Tomorrowland Music will also have access to many divisions across the world, including Astralwerks, the number one market share leader for dance music in America, which will help with expansion and reach of projects in the future.

Michel Van Buyten, Tomorrowland’s music manager, said of this new endeavour:

“Tomorrowland Music will work closely together with artists to help create strong stories around their releases. With the combined forces of our dedicated label team, Tomorrowland’s broader Media House, and the different Virgin Music teams worldwide, our aim is to introduce fans in every corner of the world to the most exciting projects in electronic music.”

With this label, we can expect nothing but the biggest and hottest dance music artists, and the first release comes to us tomorrow, Friday 27 August by way of Never Sleeps, a new project of Afrojack featuring Chico Rose. Never Sleeps is the new brainchild of Afrojack, which aims to bring like-minded individuals together by hosting parties and releasing music. The new single titled ‘You Got The Love‘ will kick off Tomorrowland Music’s first release. Make sure to check out more about Tomorrowland Music by visiting their website here.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland (via Facebook)

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