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Universal Music Australia workplace culture investigation launched

An independent investigation has been launched by Universal Music Australia after it was revealed that inappropriate behaviour was reported in the organisation. The probe was launched after multiple allegations were made online, and an internal complaint was lodged with HR.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Nathanael Cooper who first reported the story, Universal Music Australia’s president George Ash acknowledged that the company was aware of the allegations, and of an allegation made against Ash specifically. In an email written to staff, Ash addressed the complaints.

“As the leader of this company I take full responsibility for creating a respectful workplace culture for everyone,” 

“With respect to my own behaviour, it is particularly painful to realise now that what I intended as jokes were unacceptable comments that made some of you uncomfortable.”

It is believed these jokes were made on a Zoom call and the first complaint was made 18 months ago. In the time since, an upheaval of the HR department of both the Australian and US branches of the label has been undertaken.

“In some ways I feel like I have let people down… It’s not the company or the culture I want to work in… if people are feeling like that then I need to address things.”

Rival label Sony Music have their own investigation into inappropriate behaviour at their Sydney office underway.

Ash has said that he hopes the internal investigation will act as a catalyst for change, in both Universal Music Australia and the wider industry. The news comes shortly after it was revealed that the already hurting industry suffered a 90% loss of revenue in 2020.


Image credit: Daniel Boud

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