Ben Böhmer shares ‘Erase’, the third excerpt of his sophomore album: Listen

Even before the wonderful set performed in a hot air balloon at Cappadocia for Cercle, Ben Böhmer was already blowing fans away with his dreamy sounds. Since his inception into the industry the talented DJ and music producer has had everyone’s eyes on his undeniable talent and the buzz has increased with the announcement of his upcoming sophomore album. ‘Begin Again‘ is set to be released on September 24 via Anjunadeep, about two months after the first single from this LP was shared. After ‘Beyond Beliefs‘ and ‘Escalate‘, comes ‘Erase‘, the third extract that is already available on the usual platforms.

This long-awaited album was produced amid the most peculiar and unimaginable situation, but one that has plagued everyone these past 20 months. Wrapped up in lockdowns, in distancing himself from his loved ones and also away from the usual artistic daily life, Böhmer built a collection of tracks particularly meaningful and infused with feelings that he himself experienced, but with which everyone can identify. About ‘Eraser’, the Berlin-based producer said:

‘Lyrically ‘Erase’ is about transformation and accepting change. Questioning those unsettling feelings when you feel like you’re losing your grip on something but ultimately blooming and embracing the outcome.”

This single features the English artist lau.ra, well used to spreading her talent in the meanders of dance music and whose angelic vocals feed the contemplative spirit of Ben Böhmer’s creation. The track’s cinematic and magical entrance does not let you anticipate the elegant and modern beat that gives it rhythm. ‘Erase’ is a perfect example of the elegance of contemporary electronica and of Böhmer’s ability to explore a deep, progressive, melancholic and melodic sound in an original and refined way. Deepening a conceptual dichotomy, this single is introspective and simultaneously uplifting, making listeners navigate between moods and emotions.

Close your eyes and lose yourself in the beauty of this exquisite melodic cut, listen to ‘Erase’ below:

Image Credit: Tobias Schult