Gen Z tends to purchase more vinyl than millennials, survey reveals

According to a recent survey by MRC Data (provider of music sales data), music fans classed as Gen Z tend to purchase more vinyl records than the millennial generation which came before them. Known as the newest generation (generally born between 1997 and 2012), they can be radically impacted by various platforms online, and in turn discover music in a more frequent fashion.

Carried over the course of two weeks, 4,041 people, aged 13 and over, were surveyed on their musical influences and purchases, with 15% of Gen Z respondents claiming that they had bought vinyl records in the past 12 months, whilst 11% of millennial respondents claimed the same. As surprising as this may seem to some, the newer generations are heavily influenced from the past, and this is further evidence of how impactful music has and still is.

As significant as a finding can be, this latest survey also showcased how influential video games and social media apps are when looking to discover new music. To put this in detail, 28% of Gen Z music fans discovered new music through video games, whilst social media accounted for 51% of new music discover. Leading the social platforms, 49% of the survey’s respondents discovered new music through the ever-popular TikTok.

Links made between music discovery and video games are believed to have occurred from the ongoing partnerships between musicians and video game makers, with the likes of The Blessed Madonna, Solomun and Joy Orbison making recent appearances on recent updates of the Grand Theft Auto series. In addition, the likes of Travis Scott and Marshmello ended up hosting live-streamed concerts through the game Fortnite, with Steve Aoki also an ambassador for both video games and music. Final results of the survey can be found here.

Image Credit: Halfdark (via Getty Images)

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