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How To Make Your Own Copyright Free Videos With Videvo

For a lot of creators out there, it can seem difficult to create your own visual content for all the social platforms you need to be active on. This is where the UK-based company Videvo can be of such big help. Videvo is a stock library with a passionate team whose goal is to make stock footage, sound effects, and music tracks accessible and affordable for creators over the world to produce astonishing visual content. In this article, we’ll go through what Videvo offers and how you as a digital creator can benefit from this website.

Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects

Videvo offers 200.000+ stock footage clips, motion graphics, music tracks and sound effects. Their free content varies in licensing, ranging from Creative Commons to Royalty Free. Their Premium plans are some of the most affordable out there, and guarantee Royalty-Free licensing, HD+ quality, among other perks that make them some of the most competitive options among stock libraries. Regardless of the content and license that you need for your projects, their vast library offers you infinite opportunities to be bring life to your creative projects. When first visiting, you’re met by a very welcoming front page that lets you dive directly into their content.


On the front page of their site, you can search right away if you have a specific theme that you want to work with, or, you can just browse through a curated selection of “popular” or “new” content, as well as several hand-curated collections.

The library offers robust search filters to further find precisely what you’re looking for. Here are some of the filters available:

Resolution: Choose from any resolution, 720p, 1080p and 4K.

License Type: Choose from any license, royalty-free, the Videvo Attribution License, and CC BY 3.0 (read this article about what CC BY 3.0 is)

Clip Type: Display Free clips, Premium clips, as well as clips cleared for Editorial use.

Duration: Anywhere from brief clips to clips lasting 2:00+ minutes

Categories: Focus on some popular categories, including animated backgrounds, animals, business, cities, , family, fitness, food, green screen (this one is very cool), etc.

4K Stock Video Footage

In the Footage tab you’ll discover a variety of clips, everything from time-lapse videos, drone footage to close videos. There is some high-quality content in this tab. This content is perfect to use as a Spotify canvas or as background footage for a music video.

Motion Graphics & Animated Backgrounds

In this section, you can choose from a lot of cool motion graphics and animated clips, which is ideal for projects needing intros, loop videos, abstract backgrounds, etc. Videvo has a shivery selection of 11,000+ high-quality motion graphics and animated backgrounds that are waiting for you to be used in your next project.


In this tab, you can find thousands of royalty-free music tracks belonging to a variety of genres and moods. This is a great opportunity for all the video creators that don’t produce music themselves to find exactly what they are looking for in their next project. Choose from rock, drama & film score, sports, romantic and a lot of more genres as well as moods such as action, relaxed, eerie, and a lot more.

Sound Effects

In this section you’re able to find the perfect sound effects for your projects. They go especially well with the Motion Graphics if you’re in need of intro/outro videos for your channel or sound effects for your podcasts, to name a few examples. You can choose realistic effects such as rain and wind, or more abstract ones like electric sound effects, whooshes, countdowns, to name a few. Sound effects could really add that extra tension and build great storytelling for the viewer, so make sure to explore this category and take advantage of these amazing assets!


Videvo is a fantastic tool if you’re not able to create all the footage or audio that you need for your projects by yourself, or even if you just need some extra content. Considering the size of their library, Free and affordable Premium plans, and no compromise whatsoever to the quality of assets they offer, there is most likely something of your taste in there!

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Credits: Videvo

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