Home Uncategorized Instagram marketing tips that will bring real-time results for your artist business
Instagram marketing tips that will bring real-time results for your artist business

Instagram marketing tips that will bring real-time results for your artist business

Home Uncategorized Instagram marketing tips that will bring real-time results for your artist business

Brand building in the current century cannot be kept separate from creating a digital marketing strategy. Everyone turns to social media platforms for business promotions and services these days. There are many platforms in popular operation for this purpose. Of these, Instagram is arguably the most preferred place to be for businesses and customers alike. Think of any deal in any niche and any size. Likely, Instagram is already a ready market full of opportunities for growth and success for the same. And why not? Instagram is one of the most accessible platforms to use. You do not need much technical know-how to establish yourself on Instagram.

Moreover, the platform has been upgrading itself over the years to become more and more business-friendly. It is equipped with all the essential tools you need to market yourself and your merchandise. Whether it is CTA buttons, shoppable tags, or selling through affiliate sites, you can do it all on Instagram, depending on the country you are in.

If you are looking for ways to sell and grow on Instagram, you need to understand the social media platform and its workings better. Social media marketing is all about knowing your target audience, their online behavior, and the network you are marketing yourself on. Part of Instagram’s popularity lies in its ability to be adapted to the needs of any B2B or B2C business- large or small. Once you have caught the attention of your target audience and have accumulated a sufficient number of active followers, it is easy to get your music business page the desired visibility. Many businesses attempt to quicken this process by purchasing real followers and other social signals. If you are afraid of purchasing you can buy 50 Instagram followers only for test. This may work to turn Instagram’s algorithms in your page’s favor, but it needs to be backed up with different social media marketing strategies. If you are interested in learning more about Instagram followers and how best to gain their attention in a way that is advantageous for your music business, consider the following tips on marketing and selling on Instagram. These tips are curated keeping in mind the predictive patterns of target audience behavior and are sure to bring your business the desired turnover. Try them out to create a successful brand presence on Instagram.

  1. Ensure you are using a business profile

Instagram lets you create personal as well as business profiles. Although both are free, each has its distinguishing features. Business profiles have several added benefits. They are specifically intended for use by professionals who want to:

  • Generate revenue from their Instagram account.
  • Run ads on their profile.
  • Monetize posts.
  • Promote products and services.
  • Use CTA buttons and links that lead to direct sales.
  • Keep track of post-performance and audience behavior.

These and many more features are available on business profiles. So, if you are not using one yet, it is time to make the switch! You can link your business profile to your Facebook business page to use the same transaction channels on both social media sites.

  1. Create an eye-catching bio

Instagram does not allow much space for you to introduce yourself, but there is one page that you can tailor to your preference to capture the attention of your target audience. Having an excellent bio can make visitors leave with a terrific first impression of your brand. It is likely to make them more interested in following you and exploring what your brand offers. If you can use the bio space effectively, you can even get direct sales through your bio. It is therefore crucial that you are clear about what you are selling. Tell your audience why you are the perfect place for them to shop from. What sets you apart from your competition? Keep it short, keyword-oriented and clear. Keep in mind that although Instagram is notorious for evading search engines, the bio page can turn up on search pages. Hence make it as complete and authentic as possible.


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


  1. Choose your profile photo wisely

How you represent your brand speaks volumes of your brand. Your profile photo is what your audience will visually associate with your business, so you must choose this with great care. You could use your company logo, the picture of your founder, an image of your company building, or a product. A good profile photo arrests the attention of the viewer because it has a story to it. In addition to the theme, pay attention to the quality of the image you upload. A professional-looking photo is likely to make more IG users notice your brand.

  1. Define your audience for yourself

Be sure of who your target audience is. Every brand caters to a specific consumer demographic. It would help if you defined for yourself who yours is. Even if you are aiming at a broad audience spectrum, there will still be some categories of consumers from who your business is likely to generate more sales. Think in terms of culture, gender, age group, income brackets, and so on. Once you know who your target audience is, building your IG presence will become much more manageable. Use your analytical tools to further understand the Instagram usage patterns of your target audience to time your posting schedule.

  1. Create audience anticipation with consistent posts

Content is what drives people to interact and engage with your account. Consistent and engaging content can even lead to direct sales if your posts are shoppable. If you are looking to draw a specific audience to your account, post consistently, keeping in mind when your target audience is most active on Instagram and what posts they are likely to interact most with. Grow your business reach by making your audience eagerly await your next post. Believe it or not, consistency is one of the best ways of growing a loyal and active follower count for your business page.

Consistent posting also increases your audience reach by pushing your visibility up on Instagram’s algorithms.

  1. Ensure your content does not compromise on quality

A rookie mistake in posting consistently — is to overlook the quality of your posts. High-quality content is crucial to maintaining and increasing audience engagement on your page. While making a posting schedule is essential, ensuring that what you are putting up meets your audience’s standards in terms of quality is essential. Keep in mind that your current audience knows your business persona. Pay attention to the tone and content of your post. Ensure you are using quality photographs, videos, and infographics. Always check for errors before posting any content. As great as it is to stick with a schedule and continually upload posts that’ll do well traffic-wise, none matters if the publication itself isn’t correct. Thus, businesses should know the difference between high-quality and low-quality content. You do not need to hire professionals for creating quality content but if your budget allows you to do so, go ahead!


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


  1. Create frequent Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are very popular with IG users. This feature combines transience with quick, direct communication. The right audience is always on the lookout for Stories from brands they are following. Use this feature to directly engage with your followers in a playful and more approachable manner. You can use this feature to:

  • Add swipeable links;
  • Share information;
  • Create polls and surveys;
  • Make announcements;
  • Tag or mention fellow IG users.

To understand why they are so crucial to making sales on Instagram, you only need to check your conversion rates and track your Instagram Insights.

  1. Focus on using relevant and memorable hashtags

As a primarily visual platform, hashtags are Instagram’s SEO equivalent. Proper use of the right hashtags will not only bump up your visibility and reach, but it will also bring you the customers who are most likely to be making direct purchases from you over Instagram. However, you must be careful not to overuse hashtags. Moreover, the hashtags you use must fit the context, caption, and content of your post. Tasteful hashtags are always better than several drab ones. You can add up to 30 tags on a publication or 10 on Stories. However, it would be best if you had not used that many hashtags all at once. A good idea would be to create a unique to your brand and services hashtag, using it on all your posts. You can team it up with other relevant tags.

Wondering how to create this hashtag for your business? Think about what your business gets associated with the most. This could be:

  • The company name;
  • A logo or a slogan;
  • An ambassador;
  • A product or service;
  • A social cause or company ethic.
  1. Promote popular posts

Instagram lets you promote specific posts for a fee. This is similar to the idea of sponsorship. All you have to do is choose a publication that you feel will create the maximum impact on your audience, specify the duration you want the post promoted for, and the promotion’s goal. You can link the post to your website, bio page, or shopping catalog. Promoted posts are bumped up on the visibility radar by Instagram itself. When you specify your target audience in detail, members of that demographic are more likely to see the post on their feed. This increases your chances of reaching the right audience and receiving post engagement and sales conversion from them. Promoting your posts is an excellent option if you want to increase your follower count and customer base ultimately.

  1. Create collaborative content

Collaborations are a great way to double your audience reach and find active organic followers for your brand — team up with people from your niche or allied industries. Hire influencers if you have the budget. You could even create collaborations with real users of your services. Collaboration posts work for both parties involved and bring authenticity and trust to your services, especially if you decide to go live on your project or host an interactive session.

  1. Hold contests and giveaways

IG users are forever on the lookout for giveaways as this is an excellent way for them to test out a brand before making actual purchases. Consider holding contests that catch your target audience’s interest and reward the winners by giving something away. Such things also encourage many to become active followers to keep a watch out for more such events. The increase in follower and view count pushes your account up for visibility and reach. This further increases your potential to attract more potential buyers to your brand.

  1. Create teasers for your products

Introduce your brand and its products and services by creating teasers for the same. You will be surprised at how many followers you grow by using this marketing strategy. People love being teased and often wait in anticipation for the full reveal. Use elements of surprise and cliffhangers to keep your audience excited about what you are bringing out to the market next. Create teasers using Stories and Reels. You can even experiment with creating IGTV segments. Time your teasers well ahead of the grand reveal and post these snippets keeping in mind your target audience’s most active period on the platform.

Summing Up

Making sales on Instagram becomes a lot easier if you use your analytics to study your audience behavior and keep track of how your posts are faring. It is vital that while you post consistently. You do not overwhelm your audience with posts. Knowing when to post and what to post is the key to ensuring loyal followers and sales on your account. Pay attention to analytics to ensure your marketing strategies yield the desired results, and your brand is growing in the right direction. Keep in mind that simply increasing your follower count may not bring you the sales you wish for. You must be able to attract followers from the right audience segment. Research, observe, experiment, and follow what you feel is best for your business. The brand that is confident of its business ethics and marketing will make the sales it wants.


Featured Image Credit: Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

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