Kid Eternal

Kid Eternal drops feel good anthem ‘Love Goes Down’: Premiere

Another young talent bursting onto the scene in recent times and elevating it to an entirely new level, Ireland’s very own Kid Eternal is someone who has bags and bags of talent and is not afraid to share that with the world. With previous tunes being supported by the likes of BBC Radio 1 and KISS FM, and also garnering huge Spotify and Apple Music support, his new track ‘Love Goes Down‘ will ensure that his continuing journey through the pathway of success is a smooth one.

Writing catchy tunes and incredible basslines is exactly what Kid Eternal is all about, and this is championed throughout this latest release. Seemingly encapsulating a handful of sunshine and turning it into musical notes, ‘Love Goes Down’ is the result of this and will no doubt put a smile on any listener’s face no matter what. Ripping open the seams and letting the great vibes spill out everywhere, not only is it a great addition to his discography but also a fantastic edition to the electronic music scene too. Armed with perfectly sung catchy vocals and and a bassline which leaves people with no option but to dance freely to, there is no stopping ‘Love Goes Down’ on its path to stardom. Another track of his destined for the airwaves, don’t be surprised when you find this track all over the radio stations, club speakers and festival mainstages.

‘Love Goes Down’ by Kid Eternal is available to listen to now, so ensure you don’t miss out and listen to it below.

Image Credit: Kid Eternal (Press)

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