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Rising house-music star Marten Hørger announces US Tour & releases remix for David Guetta: Interview

Marten Hørger is certainly a name that needs no introduction. High energy house music what he’s all about, but can truly tackle any genre with ease. Topping Beatport charts and remixing giants such as Tchami and David Guetta, his signature bass style has captured the ears and hearts of some of the biggest and best, and he’s well on his way to sitting atop the throne with them. We Rave You caught Marten Hørger for a chat, where we delved deep into his career, his remix for David Guetta and much more.

You’ve recently released an official remix of David Guetta’s ‘If You Really Love Me (How Will I Know).’ How did you react when you were asked to create it?

David is a true icon to me. He reached out to me personally, which was really amazing. I cleared my schedule for the next few weeks and started to work on it straight away.

You mentioned on Instagram that David Guetta himself Facetimed you to help with the creation process. What was it like to create with him and what was the overall creation process for the remix like?

I had a real clear idea of what I wanted to do. And after working on it for a week, I sent it to David. But he didn’t like it… He thought it was too “pop.” So I sat down and pumped out a few more banging ideas… and then I got stuck. So I asked him for advice. He video called me straight away, really took the time and helped me finish it. Hero!

Your signature sound is certainly injected into it. When you were starting out, how did you create what is now your signature style?

I think it happened early on, while I didn’t fully understand what I was doing. Knowing “too much“ is dangerous sometimes. Most of the things that make up my signature sound are rather weird or even wrong. Sometimes when I work on collabs with people they remind me how weird my process really is… hahaha.  In hindsight I can say that figuring things out yourself is sometimes better than just watching a tutorial. 


Marten Hørger

Image Credit: Marten Hørger


That signature style has gotten you millions of plays across streaming sites. What do you think of all the success? Did you imagine that this would happen when you first started out?

I always had a clear goal of where I wanted to be and I’m definitely getting closer to that. But having so many people stream my music was a nice surprise. Cause I never really made a “Spotify song.” It’s much rather music that is made for clubs. I’m glad people are enjoying just as much at home now too though.

Speaking of your sound, what’s next for you in terms of releases? What sounds can we expect from you coming up?

Every year or so I sit down and try to imagine where my sound should go in the future. And once I’m back from this tour, I’ll lock myself in the studio again to work on the updated version of myself. I can’t wait!!!

Looking back upon the pandemic, how did you keep positive during it? How did you fill your time with the absence of touring? 

There is always stuff to do and I absolutely love what I’m doing. So I just used that time to make music, learn as much as I can and be as healthy as I can. I know this whole pandemic situation was very hard on so many people. But me personally, I got lucky. I loved having the time at home.

You’re finally getting back to the stage going on an American tour called the We’re Back Tøur. How does it feel to be getting back out there and performing to crowds again? 

One of the main reasons why I do this is because I love making people happy and seeing them happy. And I can’t wait to do that in person again. There is so much amazing music to share.


Image Credit: Marten Hørger


What can fans expect from your show when they buy tickets?

I have 18 months full of energy, new music and passion saved up for this. People will see the best version of Marten Hørger that has ever existed. I’m so pumped!

What’s next for you and your career? What upcoming projects can you tell us about?

Been working with some of my personal heroes in the recent months and made so much dope music! I can’t tell you anything yet but I’m sure you’ll love it!


Check out Marten Hørger’s biggest records below and make sure to follow him on socials for upcoming music, activities and more.

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