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Norway clubs open as all COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

Norway has officially reopened after easing all domestic restrictions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  After nearly 561 days of restrictions, the Nordic government nixed them all in one fell swoop this past Saturday, September 25th which has allowed for all venues to begin operating at full capacity.  The COVID-19 restrictions have also prevented some festivals from happening over the past few months.

Blå, a club that operates in Oslo, began business as usual and celebrated with a massive opening night.  In an Instagram post, the club commented stating that the reopening was “much wilder than we could have dreamed”.

A second club, Jaeger, has been in operation for much of the lockdown but continued to follow community guidelines.  They too celebrated this past weekend with a full-on reopening and sentimental statement,

“See you on the floor:” a simple epithet for a greeting that we at Jaeger have been using since time immemorial. Used flippantly and impulsively it had almost lost all meaning by the time the pandemic hit, to the point that it feels like we took it for granted. After two years of not being able to say those words, the weight they carry today can’t be taken lightly and it gives us great pleasure to be able to say to you… “see you on the floor.”

Other venues in Norway have chosen to celebrate at a later date, such as the underground club The Villa, which is scheduled to have its reopening party on October 15th.


Image Credit: FlorisHeuer