London’s fabric open invitation to 24+ hour party ‘Continuum’

In the mood for a little more than an all-nighter? Want to groove to the hypnotic beats of DR. Rubenstein, the elastic rhythm of Blawan, or to one of Detroit’s finest DJ Bone? Then one of  London’s most premier nightclubs, fabric is inviting you to a 24+ hour party called ‘Continuum.’  A revival of it’s extended 24+ hour parties of uninterrupted music events, Continuum will begin November 20-22, 2021. The extensive lineup includes other producers and DJs like Francois X, Tasha, and others, with more to be announced. fabric’s Creative Director Jorge Nieto explains:

“Back in the day fabric used to do [24-hour parties] and the idea now is to bring it back in, to be able to cater for completely different crowds. It presents a lot of opportunities that you wouldn’t have on a regular night. It gives the opportunity to bring up-and-coming or mid-range artists and put them in-between heavyweight acts so they get the exposure they wouldn’t get on a normal night. I think that’s one of the most interesting things about doing 24-hour events.”

In a recent video shared on their YouTube page, members of the fabric nightclub’s staff describe the upcoming Continuum event and there you can see dates for upcoming  Continuum events through early 2022.  This video gives a real insight to where the idea Continuum came from and what the overall evolution of the idea for the dance event is heading. With an upcoming 39-hour party commencing the club’s 22nd anniversary Continuum will be a continuation of what will be a long-lived nightlife dance celebration indeed.

Visit the nightclub’s website for information about other future Continuum events in December and performer lineups. There you can also see photos of the club’s new interior, and read about their policies, one being -phone off disco on- no photos or filming allowed! Visit fabric’s website and it is clear that fabric has much to offer to London’s EDM culture and is committed to the safety and well being of it’s guests.  From implementing a COVID entry policy requiring proof of a negative COVID test result within 48 hours of last club entry to their zero tolerance policies to drugs and any type of harassment.

So get ready! The open invitation from London’s fabric to Continuum is here and they are awaiting your RSVP.

Image credit: Sarah Ginn/PYMCA/REX/Shutterstock


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