Ones to watch: TR3AL

When talking about spectacular up and coming artists to watch out for, one of the essential names that must come up is California native, multi-faceted DJ, producer and record label owner TR3AL. Performing all throughout America and beyond, his music and his meticulously crafted live experience is starting to reach all corners of the earth, with world domination in his path. Now, it’s time to get to know this producer and his music. 

A smooth flowing production is essential to TR3AL’s signature style. Blending soaring synths with a sizzling groove, his tracks take listeners onto a journey where they can escape from life and focus on nothing but the music and the rhythm, leaving listeners powerless to fight against it. With solid, uplifting energy, a track from him never misses, and he seems to hit the mark every single time. 2021 has been extremely successful for him in terms of releases, where he started it off with future house banger and appropriately titled track ‘I Am the Party’ back in March on his label Xperience R3AL Records. This track currently sits at nearly 140,000 Spotify streams, definitely helping to contribute to his monthly listener number which only keeps increasing. About the track, he stated: “The inspiration behind the newest release was to create a club-type sound. With the pandemic, people haven’t been able to go to clubs or events so I wanted to create a song that has the club feel to it. This song was actually created last April (2020) during the original lockdown.” 

With an impressive discography like his, the tracks need to be showcased in a dazzling light when being performed live, and TR3AL came up with a new experience: the TR3AL XPERIENCE. With the TR3AL XPERIENCE, fans can not only expect a setlist of hit after hit to ensure that no one can have a break from dancing, but they are also visually treated to a stunning laser show. This XPERIENCE was born from the belief that the visual aspect of a show is just as important as the audio aspect, and the pair go hand in hand together to piece together a jaw-dropping show. If lasers and fantastic music sounds like a good time to you, then you can experience the show when TR3AL goes on tour with it, with plans to start doing so in spring and summer of 2022 following a special out-of-state New Year’s Eve performance, all to be revealed soon. 


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