Report finds DJ gear is getting more expensive and in short supply

If you’re interested in getting involved in the world of DJing, it is probably best that you get all your equipment now instead of waiting. A new report from revealed that prices for DJ gear are increasing while the supply is getting lower. With multiple factors such as chip shortages, labor costs, the slow return of live events and more, the market price for DJ gear continues to inflate. 

If you begin to look across multiple retailers, you will notice a trend of many items being out of stock. And the ones that are available for purchase have a higher price tag than months prior.’s latest report states six factors that are the cause.

  • Prices of components rising
  • Labor costs are going up
  • Ocean/air freight fiasco
  • Little relief from tariffs despite political change
  • A semiconductor chip shortage
  • Live events demand recovering slowly

According to, the biggest factor out of the six is the chip shortage. They claim that the shortage of semiconductors will possibly impact gear not just in 2021 but for years to come. According to the report, the lower silicon products are no longer a priority for chip-making companies. 

While it is not impossible to get gear during this time, it certainly will cost you more out of your wallet. Pioneer DJ has already raised the price of their products by 2-4 percent, and it could continue to rise closer to the Holidays. The report gives some advice towards DJs looking to purchase gear in the last half of the year: 

  • If you’re looking to buy DJ gear or production hardware in the next six months, start thinking about it now.
  • Don’t expect prices to go down later. Often there is a high expectation of Black Friday being the driving force for discounts in our industry, but with supply so low, getting your hands on what you want should be the first priority.
  • The used market is going to be a good source of gear – but you’ll be paying inflated prices. We can highly recommend Reverb as a great platform to get used gear. 

Some products have a good chance of not seeing the shelves until spring of 2022. When they do eventually restock, they will not be there for long. If you are planning to immersive yourself in DJing, it will most likely cost you to wait. 

Read the full report here. 


Image Credit: Pioneer DJ CDJ3000

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